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"Oh hi; could you possibly tell me where I am?" Tsuki said rubbing her head some.

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"Hello," Tsuki said tilting her head some at the stranger.

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Tsuki pouted and was tempted to huff at him for that, “You never know; I might be able to surprise you.”

She had not met the Master or gotten entangled in his plans and plots to get at the Doctor; after all she was still with the Doctor and didn’t often leave except for groceries. She had to admit the evil laugh still suited him some but she didn’t say it aloud and reached out to poke his forehead, “Don’t laugh like that; you sound evil and you are definitely not evil. Just a meanie at times.”

The Doctor reached out a finger to tap Tsuki on the nose. “Is that so? Then surprise me and think of something amazing for us to do. You can’t can you?”

Of course he was just antagonizing her. The Doctor simply couldn’t help teasing his compions. It was so easy sometimes. Naturally it usually tended to be in good humor. Not all the time, but usually it was. How devious he could be when he chose to be.

Tsuki pouted some more when he tapped her nose like that, wiggling her nose and swatting at him lightly, “You’re so mean sometimes, Doctor. Is picking on me so much more amusing than trying to think of some other way to entertain yourself?”

She knew he was teasing; he could do much worse if he was really trying to be mean to her or something like that. And Tsuki appreciated that he was only messing with her like this; didn’t mean she couldn’t complain a little though.

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Holding Hands Under a Blood-stained Moon-Closed RP




Miles nodded, silently stepping inside with her and gripping her hand. He had no desire to go to jail anyway… just speaking hypothetically. He looked around to mske sure they were safe. “He should he in his study…” Edgeworth whispered.

Tsuki smiled lightly at him as he gripped her hand; she wouldn’t let him go to jail. If anything did happen she’d just lie and say she forced him into it or that he had nothing to do with it; better her than him after all. She nodded when he whispered to her, “Alright then shall we get the sword first or get down to our real business quickly?”

"……" He thought for a moment, looking down at the ground, before peering determinedly into the darkness. "You start taking some expensive looking things so it’ll look like a burglary, I’ll grab the sword. Just… be quiet, and hide if you hear anything." (Please don’t get caught…)

Tsuki looked at him and waited to hear what he wanted her to do. She smiled some when he finally spoke and could sense without him saying aloud, “Alright then, Miles.” She kissed his cheek then went to go look for things to take.

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(“25. Pose for a picture” Aww~)

"I know this may seem really weird but whenever I meet someone new I try to take a picture of them. It’s…just how I like to know I really did meet them," Tsuki said holding up the camera, "It won’t hurt or anything; I just want you to hold still so I can take your picture to put into my book."

"No, no and once again - no! you can’t take a picture of me, I am the head spy! Your little book can absolutely spoil my undercover work!"

Tsuki sighed, “But it’s not like anyone would see; only one other person actually knows I have a book like this and considering she has one just like it I doubt she needs to be talking about mine.”

"And who might that be, that person? And there is always a chance that someone may find it by accident!"

"Her name is River Song," Tsuki said unsure if Narvin knew of her yet, "She’s a friend of mine."

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a show is only as good as its filler episodes

and avatar: the last airbender was on a whole other level


this was what a filler episode SHOULD be, it may not have furthered the plot, but it did highlight the characters and deepen our understanding of them