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The First Doctor has that special skill of saying “Sir” and making it sound like “fuck you”.

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Make my Muse sad, or even scared. Doesn’t matter how you do it. Bonus points if they cry.
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Send me a ✿ and my muse will react to your muse putting a flower in their hair
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Send me a ✿ and my muse will react to your muse putting a flower in their hair
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Send me “Luxury Seat” to see my character’s reaction to yours sitting on mine’s lap



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Send me “Who’s the boss, here?” and I’ll share with you one thing the mun wanted to do but the muse refused, or one thing the muse wanted to do but the mun refused.



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virtualizedcyberplannermrclever asked: "The Old Days"((because my muse blacking out and suddenly in someone else's minds watching a memory sounds interesting yet surprising? XD))



(Indeed XD)

She was alone in this memory, though to her it wasn’t a memory; it was reality. Tsuki had left behind her previous life, no longer finding it as fun to spend time around the Time Lord she’d been friendly with before. Sitting on a park bench, staring up at the night sky, part of her wondered whether her choice was right, if she would be okay now, but it wasn’t like she could do it over. The twenty-one year old closed her eyes for a moment before feeling a strange sensation, like static shock; looking around she then noticed the oddity. A man who felt like he didn’t belong there; she stared at him for a moment and tilted her head, wondering why he seemed so out of place.

He did not understand how he appeared in a place he probably shouldn’t be in. He did not use his portal device according to the full charge indicated on it. He could tell it was night time according to the dark skies. He remembered testing a virtual device that enables him to monitor his virtual travels during week breaks from work. He paused, starting to consider the device was possibly the one responsible for bringing him here. I’m sure I didn’t put any time travel setting when I already have this. He lifted up his left wrist which sported a portal bracelet around it. He donned a long sleeved teal turtleneck shirt with black cargo pants and boots. He turned to see some girl staring at him and approached her with a questioned look on his face.

He seriously didn’t belong, she knew this somehow; maybe it was all the time she spent with aliens or just a natural knowledge of what belonged in her mind, but this seemed wrong.

She watched him walk over to he and she tilted her head before opening her mouth to say something to him; oddly though she didn’t speak aloud, instead the words went directly from her mind to his, "Hello?"

Realizing this Tsuki blinked and closed her mouth again, confused and shaking her head, "Okay that’s definitely odd…"