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The Oubliette of Eternity is fricking hilarious to me in a really morbid way. Time Lord criminals were dispersed and erased from time, so logically, they never existed and nobody ever remembered dispersing them. Obviously, there were records of its use, but nobody but Sentris thought to ever check them. Amazing. Truly my favorite example of Time Lord incompetence. A+ guys.

Time Lord incompetence never fails to entertain. 

(Unless you’re Wynter.)

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Name a kink in my ask box, and my Muse will tell you yes or no.
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your crew and you on October 1st


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(Tsuki’s tired if her twits on her twitter mean anything XD)

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Send Me “Fingers Through Your Hair” for My Muse’s reaction to opening their eyes and finding their head layed back in Your Muse’s lap, while Your Muse Strokes their hair..
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smith-sarahjanesmith liked your post “marathemara liked your post “(Tsuki wants me to change the url to…”

(Being a Gallifreyan magnet is not necessarily a good thing XD)

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marathemara liked your post “(Tsuki wants me to change the url to “gallifreyanbait” and I keep…”

(I’ve used this url the entirety of this blog and now she wants to advertise that she attracts Gallifreyans like moths to a flame XD Muses are such troublesome beings)

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Narvin doesn't know what to do, when there as no trouble
  • Romana:Narvin, why are you so glum? is anything the matter?
  • Narvin:(gloomily) No, My Lady, everything is all right.
  • Romana:(suspicioulsy) Are you sure, Coordinator?
  • Narvin:(even more gloomily). Yes, My Lady, I am.
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